In South Australia, there are many resources and support services for new arrivals to help with settlement, promote cultural diversity and community participation.

Skilled & Business Migration have collated a list of organisations that may be able to assist you on your arrival in South Australia, however we encourage you to continue your own research and find the best services to suit your needs.

Migration settlement services


Volunteering can help to improve community connections, self-confidence and provides new migrants with an opportunity to showcase their skills and experience that can improve job opportunities. 

Community Events

South Australian local libraries or councils can be a good starting point to access information about what is going on in your local community. Libraries also offer free computer access and free internet access.


Adelaide Connected helps to connect people with networks and organisations that can help make the transition to Adelaide easier. Whether you are looking to build networks that can lead to a new job opportunity, find the right school or explore volunteering opportunities, contact Adelaide Connected.

Adelaide Connected also has a podcast featuring passionate individuals that have chosen to live and work in South Australia.

Social Groups

There are websites and apps that you can use to meet locals according to your interests, and help you connect to different kinds of groups in your region.