Processing times for state nomination, endorsement and Regional Certifying Body advice applications with Skilled & Business Migration vary across visa types and application requirements.

Skilled & Business Migration make every effort to process applications as quickly as possible. To ensure a smooth application process, you will need to have all information and documentation prepared when you submit your application.

Please be aware that some services relating to Skilled & Business Migration’s nomination and assessment process may be impacted by COVID-19. However, the current average processing times are as follows:

  • Skilled Migration
    • Critical sector occupations: 2 - 6 weeks
    • All other applications: 8 - 10 weeks
  • BIIP streams: 4 - 6 weeks (apart from 132VCE and 188E which may take up to 8 weeks)
  • Employer sponsored & DAMA: 2 - 4 weeks

Application Outcomes Skilled & Business Migration will notify you or the authorised recipient by email once a decision has been reached.

For information on Department of Home Affairs visa processing times please refer directly to their website:

Visa application processing times