South Australia’s business migration program seeks to attract high quality business owners, investors and entrepreneurs who can create genuine and sustainable business opportunities in South Australia, including in the regions, that benefit the State’s economy, local businesses and the workforce.

The South Australian Government’s primary objectives for the business migration program are to:

  • Attract high quality investment into the South Australian economy.
  • Increase employment in South Australia.
  • Drive innovation to make South Australia more productive and competitive.

State nomination enables the state government to attract successful business owners, investors and entrepreneurs to South Australia, which in turn supports job creation, business investment, innovation and enhances industry capability. All business visas require state government nomination.

State nomination does not automatically result in the grant of a visa. Your application must also be assessed by the Department of Home Affairs against a number of visa-specific requirements. You will be granted a visa if all requirements are met.

By applying for state nomination in South Australia you will benefit from:

  • A pathway to permanent residency.
  • Possible additional points towards Department of Home Affairs points test. 
  • Resources from the South Australia Government to help you settle and do business in South Australia. 
  • An opportunity to live and conduct business in one of the best parts of the world.

You can make your own application for state nomination, however if you are unsure about the application process you can seek immigration assistance.