The employer sponsored visa programs enable local South Australian businesses to fill skills needs when they have been unable to fill a skilled position locally.

There are two visa endorsement pathways available to local South Australian businesses and their migrant employees.

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional)
Subclass 494

This is a provisional visa that enables South Australian businesses to sponsor skilled migrants for positions they are unable to fill locally.

For an employer to be eligible to nominate a position under this visa, they must meet all criteria set by Department of Home Affairs, but is suitable for local South Australian businesses in instances where:

  • The business has a genuine need for a paid employee to fill a skilled position
  • The business has undertaken labour market testing and has been unable to fill the position locally.

For a full list of criteria, please see the Department of Home Affairs website.

This is the visa pathway for local businesses applying to Skilled & Business Migration for:

Temporary Skill Shortage visa
Subclass 482

This is an employer sponsored visa that enables South Australian businesses to nominate skilled migrants for employment if they meet the criteria of South Australia’s Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA). 

In order to enter into a DAMA Labour Agreement with the Australian Government, South Australian employers are required to be endorsed by the Designated Area Representative (DAR) which is Skilled & Business Migration, South Australian Department for Innovation and Skills.

This visa is for South Australian Businesses that:

  • Have identified a skills or labour shortage that they cannot fill locally
  • The position occupation must be available on the Designated Area Migration Agreement Occupation List
  • The position must be full-time, and duties must align with the nominated occupation
  • The business can fulfill all South Australian DAMA endorsement requirements.

For full details on employer eligibility criteria, please see Endorsement Requirements.

Which visa should I apply for?

If you are having difficulty navigating the state endorsement and visa application process, you can engage the services of a Migration Agent who can help you understand all requirements and options available to you. To learn more about the purpose, support and responsibilities of a migration agent, visit the Find a Migration Agent page.