South Australia provides an outstanding opportunity for you to join our community and contribute to our modern economy and great lifestyle.

We offer highly-skilled migrants, entrepreneurs, businesses and overseas investors a pathway to living, working or establishing their business in Australia through the Skilled & Business Migration program.

Skilled & Business Migration sits within the Department for Industry, Innovation and Science and works with the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs to attract eligible skilled and business migrants through state-nominated visa programs.

Skilled & Business Migration also support local South Australian businesses address skills gaps in their workforce through sponsorship of skilled migrants to fill vacancies where there is a shortage of local workers. 

Skilled & Business Migration’s activities include:

  • Nomination of skilled migrants to meet critical skills shortages in the local labour market.
  • Nomination of migrants with a proven record of business expertise and entrepreneurship who can inject significant new money into the South Australian economy and create new jobs.
  • Providing advice to the Department of Home Affairs on South Australian employers seeking skilled workers from overseas when positions cannot be filled from the local labour pool.  

Investing in skills for the future

The Government of South Australia has made a commitment to assuring the state’s economic progress by attracting and retaining the best people and skills to live, work and do business in South Australia. Building on more than two decades of uninterrupted economic growth, we are focused on strengthening employment and business opportunities across key industries to assure our state’s prosperity and resilience.

Developing and growing the right skills will ensure continued growth and sustainability for the future.