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"Simply the BEST of both worlds - work life balance and perfect quality of life. It is because everything is accessible, and no traffic."

Renalyn Tiflis and her family chose to call South Australia home for its easy lifestyle, accessibility of city living and beautiful attractions. It’s a move Rena says they will never regret.

When they decided to migrate from the Philippines to Australia ten years ago, Rena and her partner saw South Australia as the perfect destination for their young family. With a seven-year-old son, they wanted a good range of education options with easy access to the city and surrounding suburbs. Adelaide’s well-rounded lifestyle was a major attraction, without the hustle and bustle of the larger eastern states cities.

We decided on South Australia mainly due to its geographic location and accessibility to other major cities such as Melbourne. It is small city but has the same amenities you find in major cities – schools, universities, major hospitals, shopping, recreation centres and the lifestyle it can offer, such as the wineries, hills, and beaches.

While they knew no one in the state, the family applied online and found the registration process easy, particularly with the help of volunteers, who helped them to find banks, supermarkets and other services in their new area. Their pre-arranged temporary accommodation gave the family one less thing to worry about for the first three months after their arrival, making for an easier transition to life in a new country.

The family also received skilled arrival services support, an offering Rena says made a world of difference to their transition into Adelaide life. They enrolled in an employment workshop, which helped them to develop their resumes, prepare for interview and know the workplace environment in South Australia.

Rena says these programs are integral to migrants who are skilled in their area of expertise but unfamiliar with the systems and practices in workplaces and job-seeking in Australia. She also encourages fellow migrants enrol in volunteer programs to gain experience and integrate into their new environment while getting to know the culture.

Rena and her partner are now working in Adelaide in their chosen field in pharmaceutical sales and their family could not be happier. She recommends the city to similar families looking to make a change and enjoy an idyllic lifestyle.

SA is the best option for work-life balance and quality of life for all members of the family. My son loves it here. The lifestyle is fabulous; I can say one of the best life could offer. We’ve enjoyed the parks, beaches, outback, hills, festivals and shopping centres. The produce is great - I can cook whatever I want because the ingredients are fresh and accessible. Peace and order is incomparable and most people are friendly and helpful.