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Training and Development Manager
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"For me, the migration journey was a very straightforward process. I chose to use a migration agent who was able to help navigate my way through the application requirements, and before too long I was invited to apply for a visa"

Originally from Lebanon, Mohamed El Fouani had been living and working in Qatar for five years, and West Africa prior to that, but was ready for a new adventure and South Australia was calling.

The top of Mohamed's 'wish list' was to find a place that would allow him to enjoy the great outdoors all year round, while still being able to work and continue with his education.

"I missed seeing greenery and trees around. Outdoor living was one of the things that Qatar didn’t offer all year long due to extreme weather conditions during summer".

While researching, Mohamed was surprised to discover that South Australia offers the Mediterranean climate he was searching for,and is home to highly reputable universities. This was enough for him to start his application for South Australian state nomination.

Mohamed is currently working full-time in his nominated occupation as Training and Development Professional and enjoying an active lifestyle. He has joined a variety of social and community groups which have provided a great opportunity to meet new friends and create business networks.

"I like the accessibility of hiking locations within less than an hour from the city and beach, and hills access less than 30 min from the city which I couldn’t dream of in Lebanon. Living in a city where I can cycle and walk was a dream from me but now it is a reality". 

Learn more about Mohamed's migration journey by watching the video below.