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South Africa


Early Childhood Teacher
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"We feel we’ve been treated as friends and not just a number. It was great to know that they had our backs and weren’t just going to sit back and brush us aside because we’d made it here"

Lara Strever and her family moved from South Africa because they wanted stability for their future and provide more opportunities for their daughters. When they arrived in Adelaide they felt like they found their perfect fit.
South Africans and Australians have always had a healthy rivalry in sports such as cricket and rugby, so when Lara and her husband Rick told friends they were moving to Australia they couldn’t believe it. Now those same friends come to visit and don’t want to leave.

"There’s so much to do and see in Adelaide, it’s a quick trip up the freeway to the hills and short jump south to the Fleurieu, wineries and beaches and hiking, it has everything in a stone’s throw, without the stresses of the larger cities. We love the simplicity and work/life balance Adelaide has given us.

Looking back, we’ve accomplished so much in the past 18 months since arriving, my husband and I have started careers similar to what we were doing in South Africa and the kids have settled into school, it’s just nice to know that where we live is the same place that feels like home."

Lara has been very happy with the assistance and support services provided by Immigration SA, and how they were always invited to attend information sessions and events to help with settlement.

Learn more about Lara's migration journey by watching the video below.