Skilled workers and international graduates of South Australia seeking nomination must meet both state nomination and Department of Home Affairs requirements.

As of 14 August 2019 at 11am, Immigration SA is no longer accepting state nomination applications for the 489 visa. State nomination applications for the 190 visa can continue to be submitted. A new Skilled Worker Regional (Provisional 491) visa will be introduced on 16 November 2019 and this will replace the 489 visa.

Application requirements

State nomination requirements include:

  1. Commitment to South Australia – You need to commit to living and working in South Australia for two years from when you arrive, with a view to long-term settlement
  2. Age – under 45 years at the time of nomination
  3. Occupation – this must be listed on the State Nominated Occupation List as available.  Access to a supplementary occupation list and ‘special conditions apply’ occupations are available in some circumstances.
  4. Skills Assessment – a positive General Skilled Migration skills assessment from the relevant authority
  5. Work experience – at least one year of skilled work experience in the last three years. Some occupations have a higher work experience requirement. If you are an international graduate of South Australia, you may be able to access a work experience waiver
  6. English – ability to meet Immigration SA’s minimum English language requirement for your occupation.  If you are a passport holder or citizen of the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada or New Zealand, you don’t need to provide an English test result
  7. Financial capacity – sufficient funds to settle in South Australia
  8. SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI) - you need to have an EOI which meets the Department of Home Affairs criteria and Immigration SA nomination requirements.
Before applying, please review all skilled nomination requirements.

Before you apply

The following is a summary of the documents required. Before you apply, please review the complete document checklist.

  1. Copy of the personal details page in your valid passport.
  2. A positive General Skilled Migration skills assessment for your nominated occupation. For international graduates of South Australia, the skills assessment must be in your nominated occupation and field of study in South Australia.
  3. Details of English test result, if applicable.
  4. Details of financial capacity or Financial Capacity Declaration for international graduates. 
  5. Letter(s) from employer(s) for Australian work experience stating employment dates, job title, duties and tasks, salary and hours worked per week. If your occupation requires an additional 2-3 years work experience, you should also supply letter(s) from employer(s). 
    For international graduates, high points, currently working in South Australia
    as above plus item 6
  6. Evidence of tertiary qualifications.
  7. Evidence if claiming partner skills points or community language points.
    For chain migration, as above plus items below
  8. Evidence of family relationship – copy of a birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of name change.
  9. Evidence that your family member is a permanent resident, Australian citizen or South Australian state nominated visa holder and has been residing in South Australia for the last 24 months.

Download the checklist

Important Notes:

  1. Please read the application terms and conditions, skilled nomination requirements and the document checklist before applying and preparing your documents.
  2. You must upload all supporting documentation at the time of submission of your online application. Unless requested by Immigration SA, documents sent or emailed separately from your online application won’t be accepted.
  3. Your uploaded documents must be scanned copies of genuine originals.
  4. All documents must be in English or translated by a qualified translator into English.
  5. You should only upload documents required. Non-essential documents may delay processing. Additional documentation is not required and may be deleted. 

How to apply

  1. Lodge an expression of interest in SkillSelect, choose South Australia as your preferred state and select either 190 –Skilled Nominated visa or the 489 – Skilled Regional provisional visa.
    - Make sure you record your EOI ID number as you will need this for your state nomination application.  
  2. Submit a state nomination application through the Immigration SA website
  3. Track your application online. Once a decision on a nomination application has been made it will be reflected on the Immigration SA application page.
  4. If you are approved for state nomination, you'll receive an email from the Department of Home Affairs inviting you to apply for your visa.
  5. Lodge your visa application with the Department of Home Affairs.

If you have submitted multiple applications for state nomination, these will be processed in date order. You can contact Immigration SA to withdraw applications you no longer want processed. Please email to advise which applications you wish to withdraw.  Any application fees paid are not refundable.