Supporting Innovation in South Australia

The Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) pilot is about driving entrepreneurialism and innovation in South Australia.  It enhances South Australia’s entrepreneurialism and innovation agendas and complements the Commonwealth Government’s National Innovation and Science agenda.  
SISA is seeking to attract promising overseas seed-stage entrepreneurs to develop their concepts in South Australia, add value to the local innovation eco-system, create jobs, and increase its number of business start-ups. If you meet all the Department of Home Affairs’ criteria and the South Australian requirements, you will not have to wait long for your visa.
SISA will be run over three years, commencing in November 2018 and ending in November 2021.
SISA will provide an environment where:
  • New entrepreneurs will be connected with key events and activities within the local eco-system to help them develop and progress their business
  • The Office of the Chief Entrepreneur will serve as a key point of contact to engage with key entrepreneurship services across the industry and tertiary education sectors
  • Overseas entrepreneurs with their own overseas networks will assist local entrepreneurs to access these networks to further their start-ups or businesses overseas
  • Investors can readily identify opportunities to back emerging and growing businesses which will create jobs for young, talented South Australians who will then remain in the State and become successful
  • The South Australian Government, business and community will work together to support overseas and local entrepreneurs to create start-ups; build successful businesses and go global with their established businesses, while maintaining their head office in South Australia, which will continue to create jobs for South Australians and improve the South Australian economy
  • Overseas and local entrepreneurs will share their experience, skills and talent; exchange ideas; learn from each other; collaborate and develop further the South Australian innovation eco-system, which subsequently will have a positive impact on the Australian innovation eco-system
  • Successful overseas and local entrepreneurs will mentor and guide future entrepreneurs.
Before applying, please review the eligibility criteria and requirements.