December and January is a great time to get ahead in the job market. Traditionally this is the period many employees consider changing jobs, thereby creating new vacancies. This is also the time employers plan new projects for the upcoming year and create new job opportunities; often hiring directly.

Simple strategies to keep your job search working for you:

1. Apply for jobs

You will find there is less competition as people take leave over the Christmas holiday period. You can increase your chances of getting interviews in the New Year and be a step ahead of your competition by regularly checking leading job sites and companies websites.

  • Submit tailored application addressing selection criteria.
    • Use this time to practice resume and cover letter writing in Australian style.
    • Register to attend Workshops with Immigration SA in the new year. See a career practitioner/resume specialist for industry specific resume and cover letter. (Career Development Association of Australia).
    • Don’t panic if you don’t get response. Businesses may be on skeleton staff during the holiday period.
  • Target for short term holiday jobs particularly in retail, hospitality, tourism and community service industry at this time of the year. A temporary position could turn into permanent role if you perform and explore opportunities within the company.
    • Short term positions can assist you to orientate to the Australian Workplace, get used to the local accent, meet new people and gain a local referee.
  • Take time to research the industry and employers in your field. Make a list of potential employers. This will help to understand who to target in the new year.

2. Get your profile working for you

Take time to update your profile on job and networking sites. (,

  • Create your profile with potential employers on their company website. Research company’s goals and highlight your transferable skills that could be useful to the company.
  • Updated and stand out profiles will attract employers to you. Employers may contact you before advertising their vacancies if they see your profile.

3. Take advantage of networking opportunities

There are many social and business functions throughout the Christmas and New Year period, all of which provide great opportunities to connect with people.

  • Explore your Facebook page, Eventbrite, meetup or other social media pages to see what events are being held and register to attend the ones relevant to you.
  • Carry a business card to hand over to people you meet. Be creative. Design your own card highlighting your skills, education, qualification and experience. Any print shop can print them for you.
  • Have an elevator pitch ready in case you meet people from your field. It will be easy to share your information about your background including, employment, skills, strengths and professional goal.

4. Volunteer

Not-for-profit organisations are busy during the holiday period and welcome people wanting to help. Volunteering can be short or long term or a one-off.

  • Great way to network and meet people from different industries
  • Gain local experience and local referees. Employer’s value community participation and contribution.
  • Gain skills and fill the gap in terms of Australian Workplace culture

5. Enjoy South Australia

Learn more about the state you live in – go beyond the Adelaide City limits – your job and future lifestyle may be regional SA. This is your chance to enjoy SA before your get into full work mode in 2020.

Discovering new places and experiences provides a perfect opportunity to be able to talk about your interests and what you like to do in your free time. It can be a great ice-breaker when meeting new people or even your future employer.