As of 14 August 2019 at 11am, Immigration SA is no longer accepting state nomination applications for the 489 visa. State nomination applications for the 190 visa can continue to be submitted. A new Skilled Worker Regional (Provisional 491) visa will be introduced on 16 November 2019 and this will replace the 489 visa.

As of 26 July 2019, if you have 85 points (including state nomination points) on the Department of Home Affairs points test, you may be able to access additional occupations (special conditions and Supplementary Skilled List).  Please check against your occupation to see if High Points category is available.

  • You can apply for State nomination for a visa provided you meet the minimum high points requirement and all other skilled nomination requirements.Please note for some occupations,you can only apply for a 489 provisional visa
  • Should you require 10 points for state nomination in order to reach 85 points on the Department of Home Affairs points test, please ensure that you are aware of the conditions of the provisional 489 visa.
  • Immigration SA will request documents in the online application form to verify the points claimed in your SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI), and will work closely with Department of Home Affairs if required to confirm point claims.
  • State nomination does not guarantee employment opportunities, so you must thoroughly research job opportunities for your skills before applying. You may be able to use your skills in related skilled occupations. If you are able to achieve high points, your strong qualifications, experience and English will help you in your search for jobs.
  • Occupations on the Supplementary Skill List may have certain barriers to being immediately eligible for employment.  Please research your employment opportunities thoroughly. It is your responsibility to determine if your occupation requires further training, or if it has registration, licensing, residency or other requirements before you can work in South Australia. 
  • If you are residing interstate you are ineligible to apply for South Australian State nomination.
  • Quotas apply to nominations in the high points category. Once this quota is reached, occupations under this category may be closed for certain occupations or further requirements may apply, such as a higher points requirement.