The General Skilled Migration (GSM) state nomination requirement changes are detailed below and will apply to all applications submitted when the system re-opens. 

Occupation Lists

An expanded State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL) has been published for 2019/20 with 275 occupations available for applicants residing offshore or in South Australia. Health, ICT, social welfare, STEM and trade occupations feature on the SNOL. 
An additional 223 occupations are available on the Supplementary Skilled List (SSL). SSL occupations are available to four categories of applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to South Australia or are high calibre applicants. The four categories are explained further here

High points 

South Australia will continue to offer a high points pathway for applicants from a broad list of 498 occupations who have a minimum of 80 points on the Department of Home Affair’s points test (including state nomination points).
This category enables the State to continue to attract high calibre applicants (high levels of English, considerable work experience and higher qualification levels).
There are quotas for the high points category and during the program year, the minimum points requirement may increase and specific occupations may be closed for high points nomination.

ICT occupations  

Applicants for ICT occupations (with an ACS skills assessment) will be required to have a minimum of 75 points on the Department of Home Affair’s points test (including state nomination points). See further details here
The points requirement has been increased due to the high volume of applications received for ICT occupations. 
Applicants in the International graduates of South Australia or the currently working in South Australia categories are only required to have 65 points for ICT occupations. 

International students who have been long-term residents of South Australia

Immigration SA will continue to offer the long-term resident of South Australia category. This policy recognises those current and former students that have contributed to and remained in South Australia (and no other jurisdiction) for many years, showing their ongoing commitment to the state.
When the policy was announced in March this year, it recognised international students who had been in South Australia continuously since March 2012. A minor amendment has been made and international students who have been in South Australia continuously for the last 7 year can apply. 
Immigration SA will offer state nomination for the Provisional 489 visa to any applicant who: 
  • Is a current or former international student residing in South Australia; AND
  • Has resided continually in South Australia for the last 7 years (at time of state nomination application) and continues to reside in South Australia; AND
  • Is currently: 
    • working in South Australia in any occupation (does not have to be at a skilled level) for at least the last 3 months (minimum of 40 hours per fortnight); OR
    • studying a course with a minimum duration of one academic year in South Australia.
Applicant must meet all of the long-term resident in South Australia requirements and state nomination requirements.   

Application processing

Applications are assessed in application submission date order.
Immigration SA does not offer priority processing of applications. However, applicants/agents may contact Immigration SA via the online enquiry system in the following circumstances:
  1. You are currently in South Australia and your current visa is due to expire.
  2. You are currently in South Australia and your supporting documents are due to expire.
  3. You are about to turn 45 years of age and will no longer qualify for 190/489 state nomination or South Australian Government endorsement for the Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) Temporary Activity visa 408.
  4. You will be losing EOI points due to age and will no longer meet the 65-point pass mark (this only applies to 489 nomination applications).
Applicants/agents will need to provide at least 7 business days' notice in these circumstances and Immigration SA does not guarantee faster processing (these applications will be flagged for consideration for faster processing).