The Lists of State Nominated Occupations are divided into two separate lists; the State Nominated Occupation List and the Supplementary Skilled List.

These lists are ‘live’ and the contents of these lists are accurate at the time that it is viewed.

What is the State Nominated Occupation List?

A list of occupations derived from the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) that are considered to be in demand in the state of South Australia.  If you are seeking state nomination in South Australia under the General Skilled Migration program, you must have an occupation that features on this list to apply (unless you meet the Supplementary Skilled List requirements).

Occupations on this list meet a minimum skill level.  Nomination for an occupation identified as in demand doesn't guarantee you a job.  You must compete for work with other potential applicants.  Occupations on this list may require registration, licencing or other requirements before you can work in South Australia.

The list is updated annually.

What is the Supplementary Skilled List?

The Supplementary Skilled List reflects all occupations available on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) that are not available on South Australia's State Occupation List. These occupations are only available if you meet the additional requirements listed here.

This list of occupations has not been identified as being in shortage; they are available to limited applicants who can demonstrate employment outcomes or family links to support human capital and economic objectives of South Australia's participation in the skilled migrant program. The list is available to international graduates of South Australia; skilled migrants who have worked in a skilled occupation in South Australia for a minimum time period; have immediate family members permanently residing in South Australia who can support their settlement whilst seeking employment; or have high employability qualities.

Please note: The use of the Supplementary Skilled List is at Immigration SA's discretion and planning levels may be applied.   

How is the State Nominated Occupation List produced?

Occupations are chosen based on detailed workforce analysis of current skill shortages and the likely demand of those skills in the future. The analysis involves extensive industry consultation with associations and industry-linked training councils. It also takes into account various other criteria such as the age of the workforce, supply from local and international graduates, and interstate migration.

Are the Lists of State Nominated Occupations different to the Commonwealth Government's Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)?

The Lists of State Nominated Occupations combined include all occupations on the STSOL. The STSOL is produced by the Department of Home Affairs and is a combined list of occupations within Australia available for state nomination.  

What are planning levels?

Planning levels (quotas) exist for each occupation listed. Planning levels are calculated at the time the application for state nomination is submitted. This means that if an occupation is currently ‘available’ for nomination when you submit your application, it will be assessed under the ‘available’ requirements. When this planning level is reached, this occupation will no longer be available for nomination, unless you meet the "Special Conditions" criteria.

What does Special Conditions apply mean?

The upper limit of nominations available for an occupation has been met and is no longer available for nomination unless you meet additional State requirements.  If your occupation is listed as "Special Conditions Apply", please see the Special Conditions requirements.

Does my occupation have additional requirements?

Some occupations have additional requirements (work experience, English level) that you must meet in addition to all other nomination requirements. If there are no additional requirement listed next to your occupation, you must meet the minimum requirements for nomination detailed under skilled nomination requirements.

Do my skills need to be assessed?

Yes, before applying for state nomination you must undertake a skills assessment.The assessment should not be confused with licensing or registration.

Who can conduct my skills assessment? 

Each occupation has a different skills assessing authority. View the occupation list for links to their websites.

Do I need to be registered / licensed to practice in South Australia?

Some occupations and professions also require additional registration, licences or membership of a professional association in South Australia. To learn more visit WorkReady.

It is your responsibility to find out if your occupation requires further training, registration or licencing before you arrive here

What is an ANZSCO code?

ANZSCO is the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations. All skilled occupations have been given an ANZSCO code to help with the assessment process and to ensure they meet Australian requirements.

You can find the ANZSCO code relevant to your occupation on our list.  Visit the Department of Home Affairs for a full list of occupations and their ANZSCO codes. You will need this code when having your skills assessed.

Will I be guaranteed work if my job is on the list?

While state nominated skilled migrants have skills that are in demand, nomination doesn’t guarantee you a job. You must compete for work with other potential employees. It is your responsibility to find work either before you leave or when you arrive. 

The State Government and private sector providers offer support and services to provide you with the tools to find work in a new country.