01. Browser compatibility
02. Acceptable documents for uploading
03. Acceptable document size
04. How do I create a registered user account with Immigration SA
05. Forgotten password
06. Email notifications
07. Problems staying logged into the Apply website


01 - Browser compatibility

This system is accessible from a range of browser and mobile devices. Compatible browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Note the system supports N, N-1, N-2 versions of the browsers (where N is the current release). Please ensure you refresh your cookies by pressing Ctrl and F5 at the same time.

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02 - Acceptable documents for uploading

  • GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • TIF

Note: Word documents are not accepted!

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03 - Acceptable document size

Each question which requires documents to be uploaded has the capacity to accept up to 4Mb per single document upload with a maximum capacity of 16Mb in total.

Documents cannot be larger than the 4Mb per document limit. If your documents are larger than this save the document as a PDF to reduce the file size.

Further information:

  • resolution of the scan should be maximum 300 dpi
  • size of the scan should be maximum A4
  • colour depth of the scan should be 8 bit grayscale not colour .

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04 - How do I create a registered user account with Immigration SA

  1. Go to Login / Register located on the top of every page of this site to be taken to apply.migration.sa.gov.au.
  2. For a first time registration select 'create a new account'
  3. Enter your details, email address and click Submit
  4. You will receive an email with a link provided to confirm your registration. Confirm your registration visa the link in the email immediately
  5. The link will direct you back to this site and provide you a one-off log in. You will be prompted to change your password for security purposes
  6. You will then have access to the full functionality of this section of the Immigration SA website.

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05 - Forgotten password

As long as you know your email address you can reset your password:

This can also be used if you have incorrectly set up your account and need to reset your password.

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06 - Email notifications

You will receive emails throughout the process of applying for nomination. The purpose of the emails is to inform you of the next step of the process or alert you to a change in application status. The emails will be sent to the email nominated by the registered user and not the email provided in the application form. The emails are automated and no response is required.

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07 - Problems staying logged into the Apply website

If you experience problems staying logged in or loading pages on the Immigration SA Apply website, please ensure you clear your browser cache and refresh your browser (Ctrl and F5). 

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