Jakaran Sigh's Photo

South Australia has a fast processing system for their state nominated candidates and is actively promoting skilled migration. 

Jaskaran Singh Dhaliwal can’t believe his luck. 

Originally from North India, Jaskaran Singh is now holding a job many people only dream of at Flinders Hospital, Adelaide.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of South Australia in 2011, Jaskaran Singh has now secured a position as a registered nurse in Flinders Hospital, after completing his professional year.

As a registered nurse, Jaskaran Singh was eligible to apply for a skilled independent visa that allows him to live and work permanently in Australia.

“My agent told me seeking nomination from South Australia could speed the visa process up”.

“I received my state nomination 5 days after sending in my application; and I was lucky to find work immediately after my graduation,” he said.

Jaskaran’s sister is also studying in one of the State’s universities and is settling into the new lifestyle in SA.

“We miss our family sometimes but my parents came over here for their holiday and we all enjoyed the family time in Adelaide”,  Jaskaran said