A cleaner and stress-free environment for my children -  says proud father from Tokyo!

Hiroki Watanabe from Tokyo, Japan is now the owner and Managing Director of Yokoso Australia in Adelaide. The company is managing brands covering a range of industries from media and education to e-commerce (e-commerce is a new addition in 2015).

Yokoso Australia is managing brands such as You Yu Adelaide, Japanese magazine, Go Go Adelaide (a Japanese market focused travel website), and “Like” JAPAN. 

These magazines and websites provide communication platforms for the Japanese community in South Australia and also provide information to Australians about Japanese culture and products.

With 20 years of rich experience in brand management and marketing, Hiroki was the Marketing Manager in Japan for some well-known brands [HW1] , for example, Brita (water purifier brand).

 “I am glad that I had the opportunity to set up my own business in South Australia; I am still able to use the industry knowledge gathered from Japan but I market and promote my own service now. This is such an exciting journey!”

We were worried about the long working hours really started to affect my wellbeing. After 20 years of working in one of the busiest cities, I started to think about my children’s future.

My migration agent in Tokyo told me seeking nomination from South Australia would allow me to receive additional points towards the Federal points test for the 495 Skilled Independent Regional (SIR).

Before making the final decision, my family came to Adelaide for a visit. We were blown away by its finest white beaches, rolling hills, vineyards and the outback. My family made the decision straightaway after our visit.

From my experience, seeking nomination from South Australia also speeds up the visa process and gave me access to a more extensive occupation list. We received state nomination a month after sending in my application and I was lucky to receive my visa grant from DIBP after 6 months.

Compared to their busy life back in Japan, Adelaide is a city in which Hiroki’s family can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle that provides a work-life balance.

“I am dedicated to let the Japanese know that Adelaide is the fifth most liveable city in the world and you will love Adelaide.”

On Hiroki’s Japanese website, he is telling people that the hundreds of festivals, 300 days of sunshine, stunning beaches and picturesque hills, make South Australia an experience to savour.

Hiroki’s daughter and little boy love bush walking and they found South Australia is a perfect spot for outdoor activities.

“I am happy to see my children grow up here, where they can ride bikes around the neighbourhood and enjoy the sunshine on weekends.”

“My choice to move to South Australia provides my children a cleaner and stress-free environment. As a father, nothing can compare with that kind of achievement.

Hiroki’ s company, Yokoso Australia, aims to contribute to creating a “richer and more enjoyable lifestyle” for Japanese and Australians by promoting cross-cultural education and business communication.

“It is not an easy path as you need to embrace a new culture; but if you are realistic and be prepared to open your mind, life can be much better here,” Hiroki said.

Hiroki is now a permanent resident in Australia. For more information on General Skilled Migration program in South Australia and benefits of state nomination, click here.