Photo of Amirreza Shahi's family

Nine month journey to success

While state nominated skilled migrants have skills that are in demand, nomination doesn’t guarantee you a job. Skilled migrants must compete for work with other potential employees.

While migrants are refining their job seeking strategies in their new home in SA, free services offered by Immigration SA Skilled Arrival Services (SAS) can help migrants to have their overseas qualifications assessed and support them to find skilled work in South Australia.

Skilled Arrival Services are part of the Department of State Development, a South Australian state government agency responsible for building a skilled workforce through education and skills initiatives.

After meeting with an employmnet consultant in Skilled Arrival Services, Amirreza Shahi secured a full time position as mechanical engineering draftsperson, at the South Australia based company Osmoflo . 

First Amir found a job in a local trailer manufacturer as a mechanical engineering draftsperson. Amir found his second job as project engineer at the South Australia based company in Osmoflo.

Amirreza had his own engineering company back in Iran, employing 10 workers.

An Immigration SA Skilled Arrival Service employment consultant recommended Amirreza undertake the Certificate IV English Proficiency course, a training program provided to eligible skilled migrants, funded by the South Australian government 

“In this practical course, I learnt about the Australian workplace culture, tips to write my CV and cover letter and about job searching strategies in Australia,” Amirreza said.

In the Australian job market, 60-70% of jobs are unpublished; this is referred to as the “hidden job market”. The employment consultant offered training to migrants in how to address the hidden job market.

 “I read through the Australia oil and gas industry company catalogue which had key industry contacts, and used the ‘cold call’ technique I had learnt in the course.”

“After sending out around 80 letters, I got four interviews. The Operations Manager at Osmoflo offered me a six-week internship. This was the turning point for me in my job seeking path in Adelaide. After one month of working, Osmoflo was so impressed with my skills and they offered me a casual base position.”

 “After living in a capital city in Iran for more than 20 years, with busy traffic, pollution and security concerns, Adelaide is the best place to build my second home,” Amireza said.

“We go fishing sometimes and also love cherry picking. That moment of joy can’t be replaced by anything.”

“ My company has recently extended its capabilities to include large and complex water and wastewater treatment solutions globally. I can see a great future for me here. I enjoy working in the multicultural community. ”

 I would like to take this opportunity and thank my dear English teacher Sonya not only because of her excellent job during the course but also for ongoing support after finishing the course. Actually she is one of my best friends in Australia.

“Don’t give up. When you settle down and get your dream job, you will enjoy life in South Australia.”

If migrants have overseas gained qualifications and/or skilled work experience outside of Australia, the free services offered by Skilled Arrival Services, can help to have overseas qualifications assessed and support migrants to find skilled work in South Australia.

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