Craig Merritt' Family Photo

Business bankers from one migrant family leading the way in the banking industry in South Australia

Craig Merritt, Relationship Manager at CBA Business Bank and his wife Carrie Merritt, Relationship Manager at ANZ Business Bank, are now forging a path in the business banking industry in South Australia.

While Craig‘s nominated occupation is a financial consultant and Carrie’s occupation is an economist, their preference was to go back into banking. “We are lucky that our current careers are very similar to previous roles we had performed in South Africa.”

Talking about their journey from South Africa to South Australia, Craig said, “In many respects our move to Adelaide was a stroke of good luck”.

His family originally applied for an independent General Skilled Migration visa, but didn’t have enough points. His friends in South Africa suggested they consider state nomination as an alternative.

 “It was a risky decision to move to a new country especially with two young kids. To be honest, we had never been, seen or even really heard of South Australia , before this migration journey.”

It was a condition of their visa that Craig’s family come to South Australia for two years. However, having been here for over four years now, they doubt they will ever leave.

Craig’s family recently bought their 1st house and live in Glenunga and have been amazed by the beauty of the city and suburbs. “We used to live in a house in South Africa, in an armed security area with armed home response, electronic gates, burglar bars and dogs. We now live in a house that only stops flies and mosquitoes getting in, has no front yard wall and no security at all.”

“It is a beautiful city - well set out, easy to navigate and the perfect balance between a major city and a country lifestyle, ” Craig got excited when talking about his new home.

 “We love the tram and bus service (free or pay) that arrive when they say they will.”

“We regularly go to the concerts at Elder Park and just love the Adelaide Oval, both old and new.”

“And when we need to get out of the city, within 15 minutes we are either at the beach or in the hills.”

“Adelaide is our city and we love it!”

 “Do your best to embrace both the Australian and South Australian culture. Don’t try to live the lifestyle and cultural ways of your former country. It makes your assimilation into your new home tougher and longer to achieve. “

“Australia has offered my family a new home and future and on Australia Day in 2015 we were granted citizenship.  Our new country deserves our loyalty and commitment to its values and vision.”