Mr. Shaojie Kong and his family were granted 188C visas in 2014 and successfully gained their 888C visas in 2018.

In South Australia, Mr. Kong has been involved in a diverse portfolio of industries including vineyard, wheat planting, wine export, motel management, tourism, land and property development. His businesses employ a total of 10 full-time employees and 26 part-time/casual staff members.

Back in 2007 when Mr. Kong first visited Australia, he travelled around the whole nation and eventually fell in love with South Australia when he caught his first glimpse of it from the plane. Consequently, he purchased a vineyard in the Riverland and have approved plans by the council to establish a function centre, restaurant and bedroom cottages on the site.

Mr. Kong has also invested over $6m into a hotel (now operating as an Accor property) and has spent a total of over $1.6m on refurbishments and upgrades including guest bathrooms, guest bedrooms, signage, public areas lighting upgrade, new cabling for wifi, digital TV system, Foxtel upgrade, new flooring, and installation of specific Accor hardware and software.

Mr. Kong has a vision to fully integrate his business resources and investments in South Australia and China to deliver his "one stop" business strategy. In South Australia, Mr. Kong has continued to develop the Riverland vineyard into a fully operational winemaking facility and a desirable tourist destination. 

For the past few years, Mr. Kong's company has engaged a professional wine maker, using fruit produced in the Riverland vineyard and winemaking facilities on site, to make premium wines under the company's own brand for export to China. 

Apart from the Riverland vineyard development, Mr Kong's company is embarking on an extension of the hotel by adding another 6-8 guest bedrooms. In China, Mr. Kong continues to promote South Australia and his SA wine. As a co-owner of one of China's three largest travel agencies, Mr. Kong has been organising boutique China tour groups to Australia for the past few years and expects to bring tourist groups to South Australia every month in the near future.

Mr. Kong and his family loves South Australia and have settled in Adelaide. They have purchased their own residential property and their children have been studying in a local school in Adelaide. 

Mr. Kong said South Australia is very attractive for its investment potentials, natural environment, education resources and communities services. He received a lot of information and support from the State government assisting him in settling in SA. Mr. Kong said the SA government is very approachable and supportive to assist business migrants to do business here.