27 Oct 2017

Improved way to search for State nominated occupations

We have improved the way you can search and view occupations available for South Australian state nomination.

As you would know, the Lists of State Nominated Occupations are divided into two separate lists; the State Nominated Occupation List and the Supplementary Skilled List.

You can now search by occupation (or any keyword) using the search field. The search function will display results from both State Nominated Occupations and Supplementary Skilled Lists.

Alternatively, you can filter by occupation category. Simply click on the tab and select the categories of interest which will then display your results.

There are 422 occupations available for State nomination and current processing time is just 3 weeks, so apply now!

Should you have any questions regarding South Australia’s State nomination program please contact the General Skilled Migration team at: gsm.sa@sa.gov.au


Immigration SA