06 Jun 2018

Immigration SA to re-open 188/132 State nomination applications

Immigration SA would like to announce that it will re-open the application system for 188/132 State nomination applications from 7th June 2018. Once open, there will be a limited number of places available. Application availability is confirmed at time of submission (if you are asked for a payment it means you have secured a processing place).

To recognise the commitment to South Australian being shown by prospective State nominated applicants, only applicants who have previously visited South Australia will be able to apply for State nomination. Evidence of this will need to be provided in the State nomination application. This is effective for applications submitted from 3pm on 7th June 2018 onwards.

For information on how to lodge an application please review our website requirements here.
If you miss out from this round of applications, please be assured there will be places available from early July when we commence a new program year.

Important changes from 1 July 2018:

To encourage South Australia’s newest business people to broaden their experience of our wonderful export opportunities, State nominated 132 significant business history applicants from 1 July have an expanded benefit to state requirement for exports.

To meet the export requirement for applicants aged under 55 not accessing a regional concession you will need to export at least AUD $600,000 of South Australian products or services (turnover value), but the majority cannot be wine if total exports are less than $1 million. More detail and examples of acceptable State nomination export outcomes are provided in the 'Benefit to State' point 2.10 here.

Should you have any questions, please contact Immigration SA via email bmu.sa@sa.gov.au.


Immigration SA