03 Dec 2019

Changes to GSM state nomination policies

Immigration SA’s GSM application forms will be released on Wednesday 4th December.

Immigration SA is introducing some changes to its General Skilled Migration (GSM) state nomination policies. 

With the introduction of the new Skilled Work Regional (provisional) subclass 491 visa and the changes to the GSM points test, Immigration SA has reviewed the state nomination requirements and the additional requirements on the State Nominated Occupation Lists. 

The occupations with a status of “special conditions” prior to the closure of the 489 and 190 state nomination applications, have remained on “special conditions”. Most occupations that were not available for “high points” or “chain migration” nomination prior to the closure, remain closed to these categories.  
The changes include:

Read full details here.

Please note: There will be no additions to the State Nominated Occupation Lists when the application system opens.

Immigration SA reserves the right to change its nomination requirements from time to time, whilst Commonwealth requirements may also change. These policies reflect current eligibility requirements only.