07 May 2018

Update - RCB advice applications

Immigration SA has received a large volume of RCB advice applications over the last 5 months.

Priority processing arrangements

We will be priority processing applications for positions in country SA regions and positions with salary over $141k.

On receipt of an application, Immigration SA will determine whether it needs to be priority processed (you don’t need to request priority processing separately).

RSMS changes

The March RSMS changes implemented by the Department of Home Affairs have resulted in some RCB advice changes.  

RCB’s are now required to provide advice to the Department of Home Affairs on the following:

  • Whether the identified person would be paid at least the annual market salary rate for the occupation*
  • Whether there is a genuine need for the identified person to be employed in the position, under the direct control of the nominator.
  • Whether the position can be filled by an Australian Citizen or Australian permanent resident who is living in, or would move to, the local area concerned.

*The Department of Home Affairs will assess whether the occupation is above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) -  currently AUD 53,900.

New RCB advice requirements

As a result of these regulation changes, the following change applies to RCB advice applications submitted to Immigration SA.  

  • Positions advertised in print media, will also need to be advertised online on one of the recruitment sites listed in the RCB advice checklist. This is to demonstrate a broader recruitment process to attract suitable Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents who are willing to move to the local area for the position.

When a position is vacant due to registration, Immigration SA may request additional documentation regarding the previous incumbent’s employment.

Separate documentation

All documentation in support of an application must be uploaded in the online application form. From 7 May 2018, any documents emailed separately will not be considered in the assessment process and will be deleted.

If needed, you can scan multiple documents and save them as one attachment in the application form. There is also an additional upload button in the ‘recruitment activity’ section of the application form.

Please note: separate documents will only be accepted when Immigration SA requests them as part of the assessment process. 

RCB advice

Immigration SA will only provide RCB advice once per employer nomination application lodged with the Department of Home Affairs (applications for the same position with the same nominee).

If you receive “not-satisfied” advice from Immigration SA, please provide any further information or documentation addressing the “not-satisfied” advice directly to the Department of Home Affairs.


Immigration SA