19 Feb 2018

High points category quota notification for migration agents and applicants

*Please note: As of 1st March 2018 applications submitted under the high points category are required to have 90 points.

The High Points category has been successful in attracting high quality applicants to South Australia for Supplementary Skilled List (SSL) occupations and occupations on the State Nominated Occupation List which are listed as ‘Special Conditions Apply’. 

Immigration SA has received a high volume of applications for the high points category and will be monitoring applications received over the coming weeks. 

We would like to advise prospective applicants and migration agents that the following steps will be taken: 

-    Once we are close to reaching the ‘high points’ category quota, the minimum points requirement will be automatically increased to 90 points. 
-    Once the quota is reached, the ‘high points’ category will be closed for the rest of the 17/18 program year (until 30 June 2018). Notification of this closure will be posted on our website.

From today, the occupations listed below are no longer available for nomination under the high points category (this applies to applications submitted on or after 19 February 2018):

  • 132211 Finance Manager
  • 221111 Accountant (General)
  • 221112 Management Accountant
  • 221113 Taxation Accountant
  • 221213 External Auditor
  • 221214 Internal Auditor 
  • 222112 Finance Broker
  • 222199 Financial Brokers nec
  • 222211 Financial Market Dealer
  • 222299 Financial Dealers nec 
  • 222311 Financial Investment Adviser
  • 222312 Financial Investment Manager
  • 225113 Marketing Specialist

The other three categories for accessing the SSL and Special Conditions occupations will still be available for applications. 

Should you have any queries please contact the Immigration SA team at gsm.sa@sa.gov.au