There are various ways of finding and recruiting overseas skilled workers. Employers can access databases to search for candidates offshore. Alternatively, the ideal recruit may already be in Australia on a state nominated skilled visa. 

You should check the occupation lists which the State Government is currently using to attract skilled migrants to the state.  Contact Skilled Arrival Services (details below) to see if they can connect you with overseas skilled workers who have recently arrived in South Australia.

Other migrants on temporary visas who are already in South Australia that have work rights include working holiday makers and international graduates.  To check work rights, use the Department of Home Affairs visa entitlement verification online.  If you wish to fill your vacancy on a permanent basis please see the information below about ‘sponsoring a migrant’.

Employers can bring genuinely skilled workers to Australia when they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian.  If you have exhausted all options of employing locally or from other Australian States and you are considering sponsoring a worker from overseas (or an onshore temporary migrant), there are a number of options available to businesses. More information on employer visa options is provided here.  

Immigration SA Skilled Arrival Services can assist employers who are experiencing difficulties in filling skilled vacancies by skills matching suitable job ready candidates.

If you are an employer looking to fill a skilled position, tell us about your position as we can promote your job opportunity to suitably skilled people looking for skilled work. 


Request requirements

  • Gather skilled position details such as role statement or position description

Before you apply

  • Gather your position details

How to apply

  • Log onto Immigration SA Apply website. If you are a new user, create your account ensuring the registration type selected is 'South Australian Employer'.
  • Submit your enquiry providing details about:
    • your position, 
    • a role statement or job specification,
    • organisation website 
    • provide a summary of your current recruitment approach


Your responsibilities

  • Position must be compliant with any State or Territory employment legislation or any other relevant laws.

Employers can access the SkillSelect databases to search for candidates. 

This free online service  is provided by the Australian Government for skilled workers and business people interested in migrating to Australia.

Potential migrants outline their skills and experiences on the site and Australian employers can use the database to help fill skill shortages. Employers are not obliged to sponsor an intending migrant found through the system.

Register for SkillSelect.

After finding a skilled migrant, you need to establish if employer sponsorship is required and which visa option best suits your business needs.

Sponsorship is not always necessary as some skilled migrants may already have work rights. Use Department of Home Affairs free visa entitlement verification online (VEVO) system to check a potential employee’s visa entitlements.

You also need to check the skilled position is eligible to access Australia’s employer sponsorship migration program.  Your business and the position must meet Department of Home Affairs criteria.  The position must be classed as skilled and the worker you wish to sponsor will need to be qualified to fill that position.

The occupation of your skilled migrant will influence which visa sponsorship options are available. To check if the occupation you wish to fill with a skilled migrant is available for sponsorship, visit Department of Home Affairs website.

To find out more visit the Department of Home Affairs website for business and employers or contact a registered migration agent.

Under Australia’s Working Holiday visa program, people aged between 18 and 30 are able to apply for a one year visa. This visa enables them to supplement their travel funds through temporary employment.

Working Holiday visa holders are allowed to do any kind of work and can work with each employer for up to six months.

Find out more about the program and employing Working Holiday visa holders

If you are looking to fill a vacancy, we can match potential candidates from our register of highly-skilled workers with overseas-gained qualifications and experience. Many are willing to consider settling in regional South Australia.

Contact Skilled Arrival Services about your skilled vacancy. Online enquiries can be submitted through the Immigration SA Apply website.

phone: +61 8 8303 2420



International students can apply for a temporary graduate visa that lets them live, study and work in Australia after they have finished their studies. If they are enrolled in a higher education degree, they may already have post study work rights allowing them to work for 2 – 4 years after they graduate.  The duration of their visa depends on the visa stream and the course they are enrolled in.

Whilst they are still studying, international students can only work for up to 20 hours per week so you will need to ensure they have completed their studies and have full work rights before you can employ them full-time.  If you wish to sponsor an international student or graduate, please check the requirements for sponsoring a migrant.  You can only sponsor a person for a skilled position.

Find out more about the program and employing International Graduate visa holders.