Essential services provided to newly arrived skilled migrants seeking to work in their area of skill.

South Australia offers an enviable lifestyle with ever increasing opportunities through new and expanding industries. To help you take advantage of all that our State has to offer, it is important that you connect with Immigration SA. We can assist State nominated skilled migrants to settle successfully in South Australia. 

Our services and programs are designed to assist you with settling into South Australia, building networks and navigating the local employment market. 

Before you arrive

Preparation and research is the key to successful settlement. Immigration SA has relationships with community based organisations that may be able to support you on arrival in South Australia.

Make the time to research your new home in South Australia and learn more about what accommodation, lifestyle, services and employment opportunities are available to you and your family.

When you arrive

Immigration SA offer many services including a series of information sessions, workshops and seminars to support newly arrived skilled migrant once they arrive in South Australia for permanent settlement. 

State nominated skilled migrants have a series of action to be undertaken to ensure compliance to visa conditions and commitment to South Australia.

Register your arrival and skilled migrant updates

State nominated skilled migrants are required to register their arrival to South Australia to meet visa conditions and Commitment to South Australia. This is the primary applicant’s responsibility and should be completed on the day of arrival in SA for permanent settlement. 

Primary applicants are also required to complete all skilled migrant update surveys that commence three months of after permanent arrival. 

Immigration SA Support Services

State nominated skilled migrants and eligible partners can access a series of information sessions and employment workshops and seminars to assist with settlement and job search. 

All events are held regularly to ensure newly arrived skilled migrants are provided with accurate information, access to support services and achieve employment goals.

Immigration SA offers a free service, for eligible clients, to assess overseas gained qualifications for employment purposes.

For more information visit Recognition of overseas qualifications.

Contact Immigration SA

Enquiries can be submitted through the Immigration SA Apply website.

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