From July 1 2014, a skilled and business migration agreement between the South Australian and Federal Government came into effect. The new agreement replaces the previous state migration plan. 

The Agreement highlights both the Federal and the South Australian Governments’ commitment to skilled and business migration programs. It provides the Government with a customised migration programme as it is tailored to the requirements of South Australia. The South Australian Department for Innovation and Skills has the flexibility to:

  • Address specific skills shortages and local labour market needs through the State and Territory Nominated (STN) category of Australia's Migration Program, which is designed to enhance the size and skill level of the Australian labour force, and
  • Customise the state’s share of Business Skills migration through the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP), a state and territory nominated programme designed to increase investment and entrepreneurial talent and diversify business expertise.

This will be achieved through coordinating policy and program delivery, reducing red tape and streamlined reporting and sharing relevant information to help plan, evaluate and consolidate business activity.