Immigration South Australia

Immigration SA is helping skilled migrants find work within their area of expertise. 

Once you have registered with our services you will be invited to attend a series of FREE events that help you understand the strategies that are essential to competing effectively in the South Australian job market.

Job Essentials for Migrants Workshop

In this Workshop, you will learn about the job search process in South Australia and the strategies and actions you can adopt to increase your employability. Then you will begin developing your personalised Action Plan that relates to your profession or trade. When you register with Immigration SA we will contact you to book you into the next available workshop. Attendance at this workshop is a pre-requisite to other workshops and individual assistance.

Ideal Job Interviews Workshop

You will learn how to elevate your interview performance, understand what local employers look for in interviews and practice some of the key interview questions. This workshop builds on from the Job Essential for Migrants Workshop.

Group Sessions

If you require further assistance you can book into a Group Session whereby you can interact with other skilled migrants to build on your Action Plan and share your networks and experiences. We encourage you to book into at least one Group Session within 3 months of arrival.

Spotlight Seminars

Presentations on topical issues and trends to improve your job search skills.

Recognition of overseas qualifications

You can also improve your employment prospects in South Australia by having your overseas gained qualifications assessed at the comparable Australian educational level.

Check your eligibility

To be eligible you MUST be residing in South Australia and:

  • hold a State nominated visa (sublass 190, 489, 176, 886, 475 or 487) and
  • are a recently arrived migrant (less  than two years since you arrived or granted a state nominated visa in the last two years)
  • be unemployed, underemployed or not working in your area of skill
  • have recent employment history in skilled work (within the last twelve months).

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phone: +61(8) 8303 2420

Resources & Downloads

Understanding visa holders work rights
Download PDF | 60KB
Searching and preparing for a job
Watch Video | 1.25mins