Photo of Rachel Xie with her friends

What a journey:  employee in an international company in China, business owner in Adelaide, now the Marketing Manager in a government organisation in South Australia.

It is hard to imagine, the young lady, leading a marketing team in a government agency in South Australia, was a business owner two years ago, and was a researcher in an international company in South China six years ago.

When talking about the significant changes in her life and the career transformation, Rachel Xie, the Marketing Project Manager in Study Adelaide, has a grin on her face.

“Life is an exciting journey. The fun of this journey is that you never know what you are going to get next. ”

“I was an overseas student in Sydney and went back to China after my study for a family reunion. My husband was working in a Chinese state-owned enterprise. After 4 years of stable life in Guangzhou, a top-tier city in South China, we were looking for changes, challenges, and started to wonder what more was out there to experience.”

Studying and living in mega cities in both China and Australia, Rachel’s family was dreaming of having a block of land, with their own house, and a 20 minute drive to work. That green and clean lifestyle in South Australia was so attractive.

 “When trying to make the decision, I know Adelaide is the only capital city among regional areas in mainland Australia. We also needed to get access to a more extensive occupation list and additional points towards the Federal points test for the Skilled Regional provisional visa.” Adelaide and state nomination became an obvious choice for Rachel’s family to seek their Australian dream back in 2008.

“I personally like the “small Britain” look of the architecture. My husband Ken is also enjoying the multicultural feel and look of the city.”

When Rachel faced choices of finding employment or setting up her own business back in 2008, her family chose to take that risk and start a business. Although the economic scale in Adelaide is smaller than some mega cities, they saw that actually represented more opportunities for entrepreneurship, start-up and small businesses.

“We bought a small café in Adelaide. We made our own investment and business decisionWe learnt from scratch how to make coffee and test what the local preferred flavour was.” “We even got the business loan from ANZ bank three months after we arrived in Adelaide. We weren’t even permanent residents yet back then.”

That experience was certainly unforgettable for Rachel and her family.  However, after four years of managing that business, she started to wonder again and wanted to discover and try a new field.

“Giving up that café was difficult; especially as it was still making good money and we had to say goodbye to our regular customers. However, I knew I needed new challenges again.”

Ken is now working in the construction field and trade area, while Rachel’ job in Study Adelaide is to promote Adelaide as the premium learning city in the Asia market. Rachel and Ken have bought their dream house in a northern suburb in Adelaide. On their wall in the living room, three cartoon faces with big smiles were drawn with coloured pencil, representing three happy spirits with entrepreneurial spirit.

“I enjoy that I am bringing in dynamic and vibrant elements to this city, where my family lives.” Rachel, representing Study Adelaide, will visit China later in 2014, telling young people that Adelaide is a city of festivals, has relaxed living and excellent education that will take those ambitious students anywhere in the world. Just like Adelaide took Rachel and her family through this exciting and transforming journey!