Immigration South Australia

Improve your employment prospects in South Australia by having your overseas gained qualifications and/or skilled work experience outside of Australia assessed.

If you are looking for work in your trade or profession, we provide free qualification assessments to help a prospective employer, or an organisation understand the educational level of your overseas qualification. 

Our assessments are available to individuals residing or working in South Australia, that are either an Australian citizen, permanent resident, on a pathway to permanent residency visa or a temporary visa holder with work rights.

Qualifications we assess

We are able to assess:

  • higher education qualifications
  • post-secondary technical and
  • vocational education qualifications.

Qualifications we don't assess

We are unable to assess:

Our assessments do not compare overseas qualifications by study area, subject/units or competency standards. For example: an overseas Bachelor of Science may be compared to an Australian Qualifications Framework Bachelor Degree, but not specifically to an Australian Bachelor of Science to science subjects/units or scientific competencies.

Assessments act as advice only and are not legally binding. They do not allow you to work, get registration, licensing, professional membership or meet industry requirements, migrate to Australia or study at an Australian university or other education provider.

Who is eligible for assessment of overseas qualifications?

To apply you must live or work in South Australia and be:

  • an Australian or a New Zealand citizen or
  • a permanent resident of Australia or
  • a temporary resident with work or study rights and
  • have completed a higher education or technical qualification such as a Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s degree. 

Read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) prior to commencing your application to learn more about the process.

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